4 types of subscriptions to spread the visibility of your SPA
41 €/month
price promo
tax excluded - with annual billing
Visibility 180°
Extra 20% Discount for all ADV services*
Visibility 180°

The ideal subscription to present the most outstanding aspects of your SPA choosing your own areas of interest and to interact with your potential clients directly in their own language. In addition, a broad interaction between YOUSPA and your SPA web page.

  • Visibility Free

    This subscription includes all Visibility Free services.

  • Multilingual

    The possibility of customising the SPA description and receptive services in the languages available on YouSPA. Languages currently available: English, French, Spanish and Italian. Available soon: German and Russian. There will be a total of 10 available languages by 2017.
    You will be providing the texts to be translated for your potential customers. In this way, YouSPA will allow you to "speak your customer's language."

    3 languages
  • Multimedia

    The possibility of including multimedia documents to increase the communication impact of your SPA.
    With YouSPA, you will be able to showcase your SPA to the maximum. Images and videos are attention-getting and we give you the option of inserting photos, brochures, price lists and videos which can significantly increase your ability to capture new customers.

    12 photos 1 PDF
  • Business Contacts

    Active buttons that facilitate direct contact with your SPA and ensure greater interaction between your site, YouSPA and your customers.
    YouSPA was created to put you in touch with potential customers and let you communicate with them in the most effective and easy way. To this end, we have created five contact buttons which eliminate the need for intermediaries.

    mail phone website
  • YouSPA Social Network

    Your profile will be shared on all our social networks for the entire duration of your annual subscription.
    Our Social Media Managers work to multiply contacts with your potential customers.

    9 facebook 6 instagram 6 twitter
  • Newsletter

    The visibility of your SPA on YouSPA will be enhanced through our newsletter which is sent regularly to all YouSPA users and notifies them of events and other items of interest.
    SPAS subscribing to our Visibility packs will be mentioned in a special newsletter that notes new members and marks their entry into the YouSPA world.

    1 new spa 2 newsletter
  • Homepage Box

    Over the year, your SPA will appear in the pre-set search boxes highlighted on the YouSPA homepage depending on the country (in one of two formats) for a total period of two weeks.
    Placement in the homepage boxes means being in the spotlight. This can exponentially increase your SPA's visibility on the web portal.

    4 generic 2 special
  • Analytics 180°

    Monthly reports on traffic linked to your SPA profile and based on services and active interaction channels.
    This service lets YouSPA support your SPA's management with complete transparency. It's useful for measuring our performance and yours. This service will become active later in 2016.

    analytics 180°
  • SEO Optimization

    We can apply SEO to make your SPA Portfolio on YouSPA more "visible" to search engines.
    Our goal is maximize your visibility so you do not miss even a single customer.

  • Advertising

    You get a % off all advertising services in order to maximize your presence on YouSPA.
    Our Visibility packs are a first important step toward increasing awareness of your SPA. YouSPA also offers other advertising services aimed at widening and spreading your visibility so you can reach the customers and areas that interest you.

    -20% banner l. -20% banner m.
Abbonamento mensile
56 €/month
price promo
tax excluded - with monthly billing
Annual subscription
41 €/month
price promo
tax excluded - with annual billing
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* the discounts on advertising within the various subscription programs are not cumulative. Only the highest discount from among all the various programs subscribed to will be applied.