What is YOUSPA?

The Path to Wellness around The world

  Wellness creates harmony and balance in our lives in a way which is both beneficial and constructive.

There are many paths towards wellness and it's important to chose the right one for YOU. The right direction in which to travel, a direction which reflects your desires and needs and which affords you the flexibility to adapt and evolve, with time, in line with your constantly changing needs and lifestyle.

YOUSPA offers you an ideal opportunity to find your perfect SPA solution just about anywhere in the world. YOUSPA’s objective is to populate its database with every single SPA in the world, whether big or small. A powerful search engine with over 100 search parameters. If you want you can also share your experience with other visitors to the site, in order to help them find their perfect SPA experience too. 

The SPAs of the world are like a large group of wellness islands, an immense archipelago expertly connected by YOUSPA. A specially designed path which allows you to travel around our archipelago, in order to find your perfect SPA solution. YOUSPA is the starting point of your journey. A search which sends you on the right path of discovery and better understanding. A path which will help you to decide which port to set sail from and which port to arrive at. This is a platform which aggregates and shares experiences, where demands meets supply and allows you to discover your personalized path to wellness in the clearest, simplest, most effective and trustworthy way.


Marta Cristiani & Regis Boudon-Doris

How can I sign up to YOUSPA?

Register on YOUSPA is free.

To register click on the "Sign Up" button at the top right and fill in the form in every voice. Once registered you can request to become a Certified User, then a SPA Manager User.

How can I become a YOUSPA Certified User?

In order to become a YOUSPA Certified User you will only have to upload a valid ID card.
After subscribing, log into your YOUSPA account and click on the blue button “Become a Certified User”.

How can I become YOUSPA SPA Manager?

After registering as a Certified User (see above), log into your YOUSPA account, click on the orange button “Become SPA Manager” and search your SPA to be matched to your account.

How can I match a SPA card to a YOUSPA account?

  1. Create your YOUSPA profile and become a Certified User (see above).
  2. Log into your profile and click on the orange button “Become SPA Manager”.
  3. Fill in the form with SPA basic data (name, address) to be associated to and check if that SPA shows up in the search results.
  4. If the SPA is not in our database, please click on “Report SPA”. We will check whether the SPA you reported really exists before inserting it into our database. After this verification, we will contact the SPA to ask for the authorization to match your account with the SPA.

    If the SPA you wish to match your account with is already on YOUSPA, you will only have to click on “Request association” and the matching process will proceed as described above.

How can I add a new SPA?

To insert a new SPA log into your YOUSPA SPA Manager profile, go to "SPA Profiles", click on "Add SPA" and complete the questionnaire with information about your corporate identity and services so that YOUSPA users can find you... and become your future clients.

Is it important to have a complete SPA card?

Your fully completed YOUSPA card allows you to present your business in full and to demonstrate the details and value of your services to YOUSPA users.

Nobody knows your business better than you. A fully completed page lets you tell YOUSPA users (your potential clients) all the reasons why they should choose you.

A fully completed card also helps our users to find the services they are looking for. From exotic massages to a panoramic view, a fully completed page allows you to promote your services to an increasingly large community of Internet users searching for wellbeing.

Set yourself apart from the crowd - if a user is looking for a service in your area, a fully completed page full of information about your business is more likely to attract bookings than a page with limited information.

The entry of information into a card is and will always be FREE OF CHARGE, however, if you wish to make it more interactive and attractive, please check our services for a better visibility.

The activation of your most suitable Visibility YOUSPA allows you to:

  • upload more photos;
  • upload a video;
  • upload your price list;
  • enter text in your file in the languages of the website;
  • appear in our social networks and newsletters;
  • activate interactive buttons (Visit, Contact, Call, Book, Purchase) which can be viewed by our Users;
  • access to our advertising link with special dedicated discounts.

This way, your YOUSPA card allows you to be very effective in terms of communication, marketing and sales.


For more information about our services, please visithttp://www.youspa.eu/en/subscription-list/