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Visibility Free

YouSPA is the web platform dedicated to all SPA lovers, for finding the SPA of their dreams anywhere in the world. This is our focus. Therefore we offer to all SPA the opportunity to be on our website for FREE!
Visibility FREE is the SPA profile that allows you to be seen by all our users and your potential customer at no cost. Your only commitment is to complete at best your profile, to be found more quickly and easily. A small commitment for a great opportunity!

SPA Profile
  • Basic data

    Includes all the "basic" data on the SPA, a description, contact information, address and contact person.
    Only the description and Google geolocation data will be visible to the web portal users.

  • Setting and Location

    Includes all details regarding the SPA setting: accommodation type and details (if applicable), additional services available, and directions to the SPA using different means of transport.
    The SPA Portfolio is also enhanced by ample additional data.

  • Prices

    Includes the price ranges for the five most requested types of SPA services: massages, facials, body treatments, wellness treatments and day spa services.
    This allows the price category of the SPA to be identified according to our classification.

  • Surface Area

    Includes details on the SPA surface area: primary and secondary specialisations, internal and external dimensions. Baseline data  on the main SPA services: "water", "heat/steam", treatments, medical and fitness services.
    These data will be collected and represented in a summary diagram providing users with a snapshot and overview of the SPA Portfolio.

  • All SPA services

    Includes tabs with information about each SPA environment (swimming pool, sauna and steam bath, treatment area, medical and fitness area). Completed by filling in technical details and characteristics.
    This information represents the core data on each SPA and is critical for allowing our search engine filters to identify SPAs based on advanced searches by users.

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  • Multilingual

    The possibility of customising the SPA description and receptive services in the languages available on YouSPA. Languages currently available: English, French, Spanish and Italian. Available soon: German and Russian. There will be a total of 10 available languages by 2017.
    You will be providing the texts to be translated for your potential customers. In this way, YouSPA will allow you to "speak your customer's language."

    1 language
  • Multimedia

    The possibility of including multimedia documents to increase the communication impact of your SPA.
    With YouSPA, you will be able to showcase your SPA to the maximum. Images and videos are attention-getting and we give you the option of inserting photos, brochures, price lists and videos which can significantly increase your ability to capture new customers.

    2 photos
  • Business Contacts
  • YouSPA Social Network
  • Newsletter
  • Hompage Box
  • Analytics 90°/180°/360°
  • SEO Optimization
  • Advertising


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