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39 €/month
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Extra 15% Discount for all ADV services*

The subscription that allows Last Minute sales of Treatments and Services, any time, totally autonomously and without commission charges. A great opportunity to promote the services your SPA offers and let all Youspa users local to you know about them, in real time. The App really increases your visibility within our portal. Once your SPA Portfolio is fully completed and you have subscribed to our Visibility services your possibility of being selected by our site users and interacting directly with them increases exponentially. 

  • Last minute opportunities
    To keep your appointment book full, you can offer last minute treatments and services any time you like and in line with any particular conditions you set. This is a great opportunity for any of our users located near to you, to get to know about you and become your clients.
  • Local Search with Geolocation
    Our geolocation ‘local search’ means your SPA’s Last Minute offers are visible to all potential customers.
  • Immediate conversion
    Upload your services, the user buys and you have got your booking straight away.
  • Direct payment

    The client pays you directly with no commission due to YouSPA.

  • Your SPA Portfolio

    Your SPA Portfolio is also visible through the APP. So, it’s crucial that you complete every section as this greatly increases both your visibility and your chance of being found by clients searching for exactly the services and treatments your SPA offers.

  • Multilingual

    The APP, like the Portal, is Multilingual: English, French, Italian and Spanish, for now. Soon both will ‘speak’ all the world’s most common languages. Your SPA, too, will be able to communicate with everyone, unhindered.

  • Multiplatform

    The App, like the Portal, is Multiplatform. YouSPA has a dedicated Portal for every country in the world. This means you can reach all your potential clients, not only wherever they are but also in their own language. Choose one or two locations that interest you and through a localised marketing plan you are able reach everyone who is potentially searching for you. Only with YouSPA.

  • Advertising
    Taking out this subscription entitles you to a 15% discount on all YouSPA advertising services, within both the portal and the APP.
Abbonamento mensile
45 €/month
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tax excluded - with monthly billing
Annual subscription
39 €/month
price promo
tax excluded - with annual billing
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* the discounts on advertising within the various subscription programs are not cumulative. Only the highest discount from among all the various programs subscribed to will be applied.